Exquisite home decor from a broken plastic basket


A lot of different broken plastic things will fit this idea: a basket, a colander, etc., the main thing is a round shape. You can make a delightful and very beautiful home decor out of a broken basket - a hanging flowerpot with flowers. The cache-pot turns out to be weightless, and no one will ever guess that it was made of waste material!

For work you will need:

  • broken plastic basket;
  • colored plastic bags;
  • scissors, hot glue, stapler;
  • newspaper;
  • acrylic paints;
  • cardboard;
  • decor (optional) - lace, beads, etc.

So, we have a broken basket or colander in our hands.

Cut off half of the damage, leave a whole.

We take several colored plastic bags (6-8 pieces), cut off their top and bottom. Cut into identical 4 segments. To do this, fold the bag in half, cut it, then cut it again in half each half.

The resulting 4 rectangles are folded one on the other and turned into an accordion. In the center we fasten several times with a stapler. Both edges of an accordion are cut off by triangles.

Begin to straighten the harmonica with your fingers. The result is such a flower. Repeat with all packages.

From the newspaper we fold the tubes with the help of a pen and glue, with a finger we flatten them into flat ones.

We start to make a basket on the basket. With the help of hot glue we glue newspaper tubes all over the top and left sides and begin to weave them, holding them together at the opposite edge with glue. The remaining edges of the newspaper tubes are cut off, turned up and glued to the inner surface of the basket.

We color the weaving of the newspaper to your liking. Another, darker color can circle the weave itself to highlight it.

Cut out the cardboard stand. To do this, we put the basket on the cardboard, circle around the bottom, cut it out and glue it to the bottom.

Cut out a semicircle from the remaining cardboard.

Inside the basket we place a crumpled newspaper. For greater reliability, you can glue it to the bottom.

Over start to glue the flowers. Optionally, you can decorate the basket decor.

It remains only to attach a rope to the back of the basket and hang the pots on the wall!