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Multi-colored shrubs in the area: the charming magnificence of the garden


Among the ornamental shrubs there are those that delight not only lush or prolonged flowering, but also the beauty of the leaves. There are among them those who easily tolerate cold, do not require special care and look great at the same time. They are included in the garden compositions, are unchanged components of alpine slides and hedges. The solitary shrubs look beautiful too. Another advantage can be considered the ability to quickly multiply the shrub on the site by grafting or by obtaining cuttings.

Bladder in all its glory

It is often called shrub without flaws. Unpretentious, quickly growing, depending on the variety, it can have different leaf color from yellowish-green to purple. If desired, the bushes are easy to set any shape.

Pike rose

The blue-eyed bushes reaching 2 m in height are also called the blue pike rose, and all this is due to the chic gray-purple leaves. At the end of summer the shrub pleases with its flowering.


Unpretentious shrub with inconspicuous flowers and eye-attracting leaves. In different varieties they can be from light, almost yellow, to dark purple and patterned. It grows quickly, is not afraid of frost, under favorable conditions can capture the territory.

Elderberry black

It can grow both in the sun and in the shade. Unpretentious, the flowers have a characteristic odor that frightens many of the insect pests. The color of the leaves depends on the season, and the form is also on the selected variety.

The shrub got its name not only because of the black color of the berries. Even the leaves of some varieties of shrubs to mid-fall almost black. Many varieties have edible fruits, which are successfully used in cooking, cosmetology, medicine.


Relatively unpretentious shrub, blooming 2 times per season. Drought tolerates much worse than high humidity. When preparing for winter, the bush should be slightly warmed in case there is no snow: a layer of mulch and wrapping are enough. Landing in our latitudes is recommended only in spring.

More common varieties with colors ranging from light pink to purple-red. Leaves can be not only green, but two-colored. The shrub grows quickly and does not require special care.

Weigela Florida looks gorgeous without flowers. The shrub of this variety reaches a height of 46 cm, and can grow to a width of 90 cm.


Interesting shrub with leaves that change color throughout the year. In early spring and closer to winter, they are purple, and in autumn they are dark green. Additional autumn decoration are red berries, resembling spectacular beads. The shrub reaches a height of up to 1.5 m, tolerates frost well up to –23 C. In some areas it is considered invasive.

Holly (holly)

An interesting shrub. Depending on the variety, leaves may have a border ranging from white and yellowish to saturated bluish. There are among the holly varieties and those that do not shed their leaves for the winter. They are often used for Christmas wreaths and bouquets.

The plant does not tolerate an abundance of sunlight and can get burned, but it applies favorably to dark areas, including those with high humidity. Holly is a dioecious plant. Red berries appear on female bushes by autumn, but only if a male plant is grated nearby.


Hortensia is deservedly considered a shrub that brightens the shadow. Shrub reaches a height of 1.5 m, large leaves can be both green and with edging. Most varieties are frost-resistant, but for abundant flowering they still require the use of covering material in winter.

During flowering shrub looks particularly attractive. Elegant hats colors may have a different color. It is noteworthy that the color saturation may vary depending on the composition of the soil. Landing is possible both in May and in September.

Wolfberry (Daphne)

The shrub has several varieties, which allows you to choose not only the color of leaves and flowers, but also size. The smallest bushes reach a height of only 20 cm, and large ones reach 1.5 m.

Daphne feels better in the sun, but can grow in the shade. It tolerates high humidity, but will not tolerate excessive prolonged drought. Frost resistance at altitude. Volodyagodnik freely carries frost to -15C in the absence of snow.


Unique shrub with colorful leaves and lots of varieties. Moreover, all of them can be divided into 2 types: white and red. This is exactly the leaf pigmentation.

Another feature of the turf is the bright red color of the stems in winter. Shrub fast-growing, can reach 3 m in height and 3.5 m in width. Unpretentious, perfectly tolerates frost.