For the House and Cottages

17 indispensable life hacks that will make life a lot easier


Few people love cleaning, laundry and other household chores. Cope with homework quickly and fun by applying these incredibly original tips.


Clean the mirror with shaving foam

Foam in its composition is similar to soap, but does not leave stains on the glass that are so hard to remove. In addition, with such a cleaning glass surface will not mist. With the help of foam, it is very easy to clean the carpet from new stains - it pushes dirt onto the surface, preventing it from penetrating the fibers.

Remove dirt and bacteria from the board

Sprinkle coarse salt on the board and wipe it with half a lemon. You can use lemon juice in the bottle. Rub until the liquid turns gray, and then just wash it off.

Remove limescale

Fill the bag with vinegar and dip the shower head or faucet into it. Leave the tool on all night, and the plumbing will shine like new.

Make the sink white with soda and lemon

Rub the shell with ordinary baking soda. At this stage, most stains will be removed. Then pour the juice of half a lemon. You can take a squeezed lemon and wipe the entire surface with it. If the sink is very dirty, leave the mixture for 5-10 minutes.

The most unusual alternative to air freshener in the toilet.

Everyone knows that soluble beverages are harmful to health. But there is a place where they can only help. Fill the bag in the toilet bowl, and in the toilet it will smell good without a freshener containing components harmful to breathing. Choose not too bright colors. By the way, many sugar substitutes also disinfect plumbing.


Cleaning the drum from plaque

Manufacturers of specialized descalers insist that their products should be used with every wash. But it remains on your clothes. You can just run the machine at the highest temperature once a month, for a full wash cycle, adding soda and vinegar to the powder compartment.

Remove ink from textiles

If you were able to quickly notice traces of ink, spray the fabric with hairspray. After that, the usual wash will be much more efficient.

Minor repairs:

Hammer nails safely

Using a simple comb, you can fix small nails on the surface and not get caught on your fingers. For large nails, choose scallops with sparse teeth.

Do not let the paint dry out

To do this, pour from the jar very small portions. Use a cut bottle as a container, leaving a brush in the neck.

Design and decor:

Mask the wires

An ordinary rope will help to insert the modern wire into the ethnic interior. Just wind it over the entire length, fixing it with glue. Such wire can be left in the most visible place.

Cat bed

Do not throw out the old table, turn it over and add pillows. Animals love secluded places. If desired, you can sew a small canopy.

Vases of beautiful bottles

Do not throw away glass jars and bottles of beautiful interesting shape. With the help of spray paint, turn them into a stylish room decoration.

Hide cat toilet

In such a bedside table can be placed and the tray, and bags with filler. The animal will quickly learn to cope with their affairs in a secluded space. And the room will look very neat. Now you do not have to keep the door to the toilet open.

Hide the router

In a one-room apartment, you are forced to sleep in the same room with a constantly flashing modem. Just mask it with the paper organizer. Sleep must be healthy! The advice is also suitable for those who do not know how to fit the equipment into the interior.


Enhance the hangers

Wrap gum on the hanger, and clothes will not slide off them. Now you can hang silk dresses and blouses without risking to find them on the floor of the closet.

Cleave wine corks

Wine corks can be used to fix bags with spices and bulk products. Separate them with a knife and secure on the packages.

Mend the salty soup

You can not add water to the soup - it will make it tasteless. Instead, boil a few halves of potatoes or apples, and then pull them out. The soup will not be so salty.

Cope with household chores faster, so you have more time to meet friends, work and your favorite entertainment!