22 ideas to make any home more convenient


It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to make your home more comfortable. Just use these ideas and transform your apartment beyond recognition!

Retractable cutting board

Cutting surface with garbage bin. How easy and convenient.

Shoe storage pouf

Sofa on the windowsill

Beautiful sofa where you can read your favorite book and have a cup of coffee.

Additional shelf in the hallway

A convenient way to keep your belongings handy.

Half table in the bathroom

Now there is where to put the smartphone 😉

Unexpected storage spaces

In this locker you can store all your bathroom accessories. In addition, it does not take much space.

Heat sensitive tile in the shower

The tile will change color depending on the water temperature.

Pockets for dishes

Very useful thing in the kitchen.

Kitchen towel instead of a drawer

Built-in ironing board

An original idea for a small apartment. Mirror and ironing board - two in one

Covers on the cabinet doors

Dutch doors in the nursery

Built-in sockets

Folding doors

Ideal for apartments with a small kitchen.

Sockets under the cabinet

Small cabinet for storage of cleaning products

Convenient and does not take up much space.

Tunnel in the nursery

Kids just love it!

Drawers for storage of spices and seasonings

Built-in beds

Boxes in the wall openings

When there is no space for the cabinet

Swivel stools