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Photos of women, changing ideas about beauty

Michaela Nokos, a Romanian photographer who travels around the world since 2013 as part of his Atlas of Beauty project, and makes portraits of women of different ages and nationalities. The artist collects stories about the life of women, and has already visited 60 different countries to show the world her view of the beautiful. Michaela set her goal to convey to her audience that every woman shines like a star, even if she does not look like a model from a glossy magazine.
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Brilliant trick how to translate any image to the surface

If you need to transfer your favorite picture or photo to any surface, it is not necessary to contact a photo studio and overpay. It is easy to transfer photos from paper to the surface - with the help of a brilliant trick, which is described below. To work you need: adhesive tape; printed on a laser printer pattern of the size equal to the width of the tape; scissors; water tank.
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